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A young police woman in Oakland California has been tasked with tracking down a mass murderer. Little does she know that her adversary is controlled by an evil entity who thrives on death and mayhem. Voices is a hard hitting and fast paced look into the classic struggle between good and evil set in modern times.
A look at life, love and a host of other subjects from a man's perspective. It deals with loss, fear, and unbridled love in simple and straightforward language.There is no hidden agenda or skirting of conflict in this take on modern life. There are also quotes and observations on various subjects.
Archeologist, Aaron Skorsky discovers evidence that disputes the last days of the first century Hebrew rebellion against Rome. It involves a secret alchemy found in mysterious stones obtained by the Romans. Skorsky not only has to deal with challenges from those who want to discredit him, but also Arab terrorists and the Israeli secret service who want to harness power of the stones.  With a thrill ride that captures like The DaVinci Code, The Masada Stones is a can't miss historical thriller.
A humorous expose on growing up in the '50s and '60s. Told from the point of view
of a baby boomer, this is alook at the times and tribulations of a young man whomust
deal with modern sexuality, and movingfrom a traditionalexistence into anew age of materialism in the middle class society of the 60's and 70's.
A young boy dares to make a trade with a dragon. Marin is witty and brave but in the
cave of a dragon anything happen. His mission to save the village depends on making a fair trade. Will he succeed in his quest to acquire a dragon's gold? This middle grade book is a must read for boys and girls who love to read about dragons.
New-Age Renaissance Man
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The Masada Stones     
Marin and the Dragon's Golden Treasure 
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